Express Bail Bonds

We Are Here For you Daytona Beach, Florida

The Process

It can happen to anyone
  1. The Arrest
  2. When arrested the person is taken to the local detention facility where they are booked and processed. They will then contact a bondsman, or you.

  3. Call Express Bail Bonds
  4. Provide let us know you wish to bond someone out. You must give their full name, the detention facility they are in, and their birthdate (to make things easiest).

  5. Come in
  6. Pay the premium (the fee), sign the papers. We have several state required forms for you to fill out that make you responsible for the defendant's appearance to court.

  7. We drop the bond off at the jail.
  8. You pick up the defendant in 1-3 hours
  9. Make sure they go to court!